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  • Bill Hemberger

The Best Best

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My Friend Eddie Best thought he was the best. His parents raised him saying, “Eddie, you are the Best.” So Eddie had no choice but to be the best. 

In 1968, at the age of ten, he discovered Pete Best, the ex-Beatles drummer, and strove to be better than him. He practiced his rudiments every day.

Then, on a hot August day, he saw Pete Best on the Dave Letterman show and inquired about Mr. Best’s address in the City, stating he was his long-lost brother. Finally, with sticks and a drum pad in hand, he landed at Pete Best’s hotel room at the Plaza Hotel in the City that never sleeps. 

He was breathing hard. If Pete Best in any way told him to take a hike, get lost kid, or whatever rebuke, Eddie would kill himself. 

The hotel room door opened, and there he stood the ex-Beatle Drummer. “Yeah, what can I do for you?”

“I Challenge you to a paradiddle off, Mr. Best!”

“What is a Paradiddle.?” Mr Best Asked.

Eddie was not disappointed. He was right and the best at being a Best, best drummer.

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