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Hey Look Out!

I live in a Village. The Village that created Frankenstein The Monster!  Just skidding. I live in a Village called Laguna. Laguna Woods Village. It’s a playful 55-plus retirement community that is an absolute joy to live in. The Best. Except for the price of electricity and almost getting killed by Stop Sign Runners!  These runners are all over! Holy mackerel Andy - a phrase my mother used many times when seeing things that were jaw-droppingly stupid. 

Laguna Woods Village, with a population of at least 18,000 folks, has no stoplights, none. Just lots of ‘Stop Signs’ at busy intersections. Last year, The Village even put big blinking red lights around the octagon that, they say, “”Will help vision-impaired drivers see the signs.” HUH? 

Now, I kind of figured the people who blow through stop signs figure that the rules are for everyone else. Or they were following a flock of pigeons who seemed to understand the rules of the road perfectly, or maybe they completely forgot there were even stop signs living in this magical place of lollipops, rainbows, and wine parties. But after many discussions with drivers who prod through the big red signals I found that the main reason is They Think the Stop Signs Are For People Who Don’t Know How To Drive!

I have witnessed a few narrow hit-and-runs and have been almost run down twice while walking to the post office to deliver my letters to Santa! - I like to get a few in before the Holiday rush.

Never fear The Village will be doing several things to curtail these expert drivers, like hiring child actors who will hide in bushes to write down license plate numbers. German Shepherds are being trained to run down stop-light runners and bite their tires to make them stop. Also, cameras will be installed to catch the young and old who almost mow people down. When caught, they will be told not to do it anymore and then get an invoice for 25 dollars.  

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