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In-Store announcements are a fantastic opportunity to tell your customers about weekly sales items, special promotions, and services you offer. The announcements will keep your customers happy, and the cash registers ringing up sales.​

I have been helping retail stores increase instore sales for over twenty-five years. The service can be applied to any retail showroom, gas pump, or kiosk.
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The three reasons why stores use my service?

1- More sales.

2- Add a professional 'sound' to their store media; the employee reading specials from the circular does not fit a professional image or promote enough sales.

3-Your contact is me;  I'm not associated with a large bloated production house. I will get the job done. I have not missed a message update in over twenty-five years.

Who’s using the service now?

Hillside ShopRite - Hillside, NJ

Byram ShopRite - Byram, NJ

Netcong Shoprite - Netcong NJ

Succasunna ShopRite - Succasunna, NJ

Franklin Shoprite - Franklin, NJ

Hackettstown Liquors - Hackettstown, NJ

ShopRite Liquors - Franklin, NJ

Netcong ShopRite - Netcong, NJ

Mansfield ShopRite - Mansfield, NJ

Cardiff ShopRite - Cardiff, MD

Perring Parkway SR - Parkville, MD

Newton ShopRite - Newton, NJ

Flanders ShopRite - Flanders, NJ

Byram Liquors - Byram, NJ

ShopRite Liquors - Succasunna, NJ

Forest Hill ShopRite - Forest Hill, MD

Main Street ShopRite - Bel Air, MD

Aberdeen ShopRite - Aberdeen, MD

Festival ShopRite - Bel Air, MD

Riverside ShopRite - Bel Camp, MD

Jacksonville ShopRite - Phoenix, MD

Howard Park ShopRite - Baltimore, MD

Beards Hill Liquors - Aberdeen, MD

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